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Digital Arts

Some call it new media art, others call it computer art, while some refer to it as multimedia art. Digital art is an umbrella for artistic work delivered using digital technology.

D8red offers all forms of digital arts that have been made unique and authenticated using blockchain technology. Digital arts include pop crypto heroes, ancient nymphora, Plexus, Hashmasks, Golden Robots, Chubbies, Karim, and many more.

Digital Collectibles

Digital collectibles are unique virtual tokens that are used to represent anything from arts, sports, and memorabilia. They also include digital avatars. d8red provides you with all the needed digital collectibles that can be traded, sold, and can be used for gaming. You could get a digital collectible of any superstar, a soccer legend, a music legend, etc. d8red got you covered.

In-game assets

Our NFTs can be used to represent in-game assets on some game platforms. This is not controlled by the game developer but by you, the user, but with the developers' permission.

Virtual Worlds

We offer NFTs for virtual worlds that help you interact in specific computer-simulated spatial.

NFTs in the virtual world includes Design Terrace, Decentralized wearables, Keys and badges, Decentralized names, fortified arts, Cryptopuppy, cryptobear, cryptocock, etc.

Trading cards

Looking to get unique trading cards? Then d8red is the right place to get your trading cards, including SHADY, LION, STARBOY, etc.


The home of sports NFTs is d8red, and you are greeted with all the top-quality sport NFTs that you can find in any marketplace. Our collections include MLB Champions, F1 Delta Time legendary racing, Sorare, ZED Horse, MotoGP NinjaStickers, Stryking, etc.


We also offer utility NFTs like those from Kool bar, Skittlepunks, Realm of MU, Rainforest token, Atomic coin, $VIDEO rewards, the Artistical Cupid, Kudos, Decentralized Navigator, Treasure Hunt, etc. At d8red, we offer only the best NFTs and Crypto arts. We are lovers of digital art.

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